Skater Scope Lens

The SKATER Scope is being hailed as the first truly compact periscope lens system.


With an aperture of T 5.6, the SKATER Scope is designed with the purpose of harmonizing both size and light transmission and, is still faster than comparable scope systems. The calculated aperture is 4 1/3, the light loss 2/3 of a stop.


The whole optical arrangement was newly designed for the Super 35 format. The excellent image quality with minimized vignetting is ensured even in the low aperture range. Via a separate Image Rotation Ring the image can be rotated 360 degrees around the optical axis (even several times) without restriction. This feature is also used to level the horizon or to achieve “dutched” camera angles without altering the position of the camera. By means of a macro adjustment ring, the close focus can be extended to macro.


-Tilt module can be adjusted from -105° to +105°

-Lens block pivots full 360°

-Full 360° unlimited optical image rotation

-Macro function extends close focus to macro

-T 5.6

-Superior image quality, covers S35 (with most common PL lenses)

-Available Mout Sets: PL, Panavision, B4

-Additional lens mounts: Nikon

-Extends creative freedom of your SKATER Mini Dolly




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