DEFY Dactylcam is a premium camera cable system carrying loads up to 50lbs over 40 mph.  Designed to give cinematographers a tool that creates a unique perspective, the Dactylcam is truly a simple, powerful and portable system giving freedom to create the movement your production demands.   The sled moves up to 1200ft on synthetic line and is driven by an efficient yet powerful motor with an adjustable tool-free tension drive.   Single or multi-user operation combined with a portable and lightweight design allows for quick set up with one line or multiple lines no matter your crew size. Dactylcam comes with everything inside a pelican case with all rigging and accessories ready for any production.  The only thing to add is a gimbal or head of choice that will attach to the included quick release plate.

  • Adaptable to any gimbal platform
  • Up to 50 lbs (total) payload
  • Two-piece packable aluminum sled
  • 600’ of line and rigging kit included
  • Spektrum DX6 w/ Telemetry for battery usage
  • Easy quick release and attachment to line
  • Custom designed and weather-sealed motor
  • Adjustable drive wheel for variable line tension
  • Speeds up to 35+ mph
  • Dampening gimbal Swing
  • Pelican Case with custom hard dividers
  • Technical support via phone and email
  • Does not include DEFY G12


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